Unable to login or perform pioneer upgrade on vivaldi browser

To get your bug fixed faster please try to answer the following questions:

  1. Which browser, operating system and versions of those are you using?
    Vivaldi 3.1.1929.40, Windows 10,
  2. What are the steps you took that lead to the bug?
    In the settings tab of memex I am unable to login or pay for pioneer upgrade.Please help

Hey @V_Keerthi_Vikram

Thanks for the bug report and welcome here :slight_smile:

When you say you are unable to upgrade, what do you mean? What is your workflow and what does happen that should not?

I click the pioneer upgrade and it keeps on giving a blank black screen despite having fast net. Moreover I am unable to login. Once I try to login it acts as if I did not login and it shows as if I am not logged in.

It has been like this for past 15 mins

@BlackForestBoi I really hope you can help me out. I really liked the concept of Memex

Do you use any form of adblocker? We have experienced troubles with that in the past.

I think the default one in vivaldi is on. I will disable that and try again.

@BlackForestBoi Despite disabling ad blocker it is still giving me the same problem

if you go to “chrome://extensions > enable dev mode > memex > details > background page > console” can you send me a screenshot of what you see when you try to trigger the login process?

I just tested it here and can reproduce. will file a proper bug report and investigate further.

Thanks for the note :heart:

btw we don’t really support vivaldi. This bug may hint at other problems with the extension or is Vivaldi specific. We may not fix it then because of priorities.

@BlackForestBoi I think it is vivaldi specific. Will update you if it works :+1:

+1 - also ran into this issue with Vivaldi. Unable to log in or sync data (was able to ~2 weeks ago). It unfortunately also deleted the memex database when the log in / sync issue appeared.

Will report back if this changes with further updates.

Ok, this uber-sucks.

How did you determine that the data is gone?

It’s alright - have a backup from last week & most of older ones are in brave memex still (looking forward to multibrowser/computer sync!).

I now realize that it’s possible the data is still there - the dashboard (and pretty much every menu) just shows a loading circle: https://imgur.com/a/8xY4mO2. Fingers cross there are bookmarks there once spinning wheel is resolved.


Same problem here.
For me memex doesn’t work with vivaldi ;-(

We’re investigating (and hopefully fixing) this bug in the next sprint. Will keep you all updated!

Shifted to brave now. It seems like a Vivaldi specific problem as it is working smoothly in brave

Thanks @V_Keerthi_Vikram for the update.

Yeah its a Vivaldi specific issue but we experienced a similar bug also on Chrome.
We’ll look into it soon.
Currently fixing some of the sync bugs!