Zapier Integration

Knowledge needs to flow and can’t/shouldn’t be locked into a single silo.
With a Zapier integration it would make it easier to integrate Memex into other workflows.
You could for example:

  • add every item tagged with a specific tag to your Trello/Asana/Notion boards
  • send pages via email to friends as recommendations
  • make a post in your favorite subreddit.

If you have any other ideas and use cases, feel free to add them here!

Also would be great Notion integration.

Yeah a notion integration would be :fire::fire::fire:

Once their API is out we can have a look:

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I would really appreciate this!


We are short before releasing Storex Hub into an experimental developer alpha release. Storex Hub is a storage and application platform for connected knowledge data that runs on your desktop device or (later) in the cloud.

It’s a bit like an offline-first Zapier that you own and where you can write small applications to structure, translate or share your Memex data in any imaginable way you want.
Making a Zapier integration could be one of those apps.

Some other cases we can see:

  • Parse all liked Tweets and add them to Memex
  • Parse all urls from Telegram channel to index and put them into a collection
  • Create a todo-list entry in your favourite app for each page tagged with a specific tag
  • Parse out all saved page’s content to auto-tag them, or create recommendation engine

Here is a demo where all pages tagged with a specific tag are published as a gist:

We are now starting to look for developers who would like to do alpha testing on this and have a great idea to implement a first app.
For anyone who is interested to build something, like the Zapier integration, leave us a note here!

Zapier integration would be huge. Probably one of the most important integrations one could add b/c of how many services it allows one to integrate. IFTTT would be a second, imho.

Yeah a Zapier integration would be grand.

For now the best we could provide is StorexHub - so people could at least programmatically work with their data:

If someone comes up with a Zapier integration to it that would obviously be super sweet. :pray: