Which other productivity apps are you using & which ones are you paying for (and why)?

There are so many other productivity tools we can learn from to improve Memex. Which ones do you use and/or pay for and why?

Using Trello for organizing own thoughts, long term life planning, personal principles, workflows, key data points on each area of life.

Using ToDoist paid version for managing personal tasks and projects.

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Do you also use Zapier in combination with Trello, when you say “workflows”?

Have you looked into Notion.so. It seems to cover all those use cases for you and you might be able to reduce your tool complexity by 1.
But I am biased because it works for me. Waiting for the API though so I can integrate better with other tools (like Memex) :slight_smile:

Same! I LIVE via ToDoist.

Also use trello for planning

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Hi Oliver,

I don’t use Zapier a lot in my workflows at the moment. Even after many years of improving the way I work I am still searching for ways to set my workflows to fit the way humans think and work.

Are you up for a Skype call? I will be happy to walk you through my productivity workflows as well as discuss thoughts on where we the productivity product space is / should be heading.

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