Sync is not working between Android and PC Browser

Sync is not working between Android and PC Browser after Restore.
Sync worked before restore.
I’ve re-installed MEMEX GO many times, but it’s not good.
And pairing was unstable too.

Hey @funume!

Welcome to the community board, albeit under these circumstances!

Doing a pairing after a restore is a use case we haven’t optimised for. The problem is that it’s so much data that it tries to sync that it will take a while- because it will sync over the internet and not via wifi. Also changing your devices causes a bug we haven’t fixed yet.
There is a workaround though that I can help you with.

Please send me the email address you used via a PM so I can fix that.

For the things you can do on your side I need to know which browser you use?

Thank you for your kind responce.

My using browser is VIVALDI.
I noticed that I use an unsupported browser, sorry.
I thought it would work because VIVALDI made from chromium.
I take it for granted that you will not support.
I will send you my e-mail address just in case via a PM.


Same problem here. Vivaldi as a browser. Android on phone.
I can do the computer/phone pairing procedure but no data is synchronized …

Hey @bepolymathe

Sorry you run into troubles too.
How do you determine the sync not working?

Just as a note: Right now the history and bookmarks are not visible in a dedicated view yet. This means the “saved on mobile” view is empty, and if you don’t use collections they will be too.

We are already working on the mobile view for history and bookmarks, and will be released soonest.


To be exact, the synchronization seems to work (no error message, paired devices on both sides, etc) but I can’t find the items sent in the Android application on my computer.
I don’t understand why.
Is there a way to see the logs?

They don’t appear in the regular history view and also not in the “saved from mobile” list?

Ok, so you go to the extensions background console:
Chrome: chrome://extensions > enable developer mode > memex > background page > console
Firefox: open this link: about:devtools-toolbox?type=extension&

then you go to the memex dashboard > sync status > sync now
Then you make a screenshot of what you see appears on the background console.

Thanks for the help and sorry for the hassle.


I get that…

Which version of Memex are you on? are these last errors only appearing when you hit the sync button?

It’s the version 2.0.20

Errors are permanent…

Hi i can’t send more screenshot :scream:

What’s amazing is that I don’t really have any other error messages at the time of the sync…
Could it be from Aurora’s installation rather than the Google Play store?

I send you a DM because now it seems we need to go into more detail to investigate your account (should not be public)

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Hello, sync isn’t working between my computer browsers (I’m using a laptop and desktop) and my android app. Specifically, I’m getting “you don’t have anything saved from the mobile app yet” message even though I have saved bookmarks on the app.

Thanks for listening.

Hey @Jason_Comely

Welcome to the community!

Which browser are you using?
Do you use any adblockers, and what are the steps you took exactly to pair those devices?
Were there any errors during that?

Thanks for the help to investigate this issue!

Hello, I’m using Chrome for all devices. I use uBlock Origin for the laptop and desktop (the Google account is synced on all three).

The message on the desktop was something about disabling a protection feature in the browser. I switched it off and the upload went fine. The laptop already had that switched off.

I followed the instructions exactly.

The app is paired with the desktop and the laptop (it says 2 of 2 paired devices on each) but isn’t syncing. Nothing is saved from mobile.

I probably won’t be able to troubleshoot with you as I have a busy day. I also don’t really see the utility of Memex as Google syncs all my bookmarks and histories anyway. I imported my Pocket and Instapaper bookmarks, but search is laggy (probably due to the sheer number of items).

I see there are collections, but I wish an AI algo would sort and make sense of it instead of me trying to do it. That would take hours.

Anyway, sorry for the brain dump. Hope this helps you.

P.S. I can see the utility if you use different browsers. Memex would be very handy then.

thanks @jason for the rich comment.

Let me know if you have time this week to do some troubleshooting together.

Does the sync work if you disable uBlock?
What happens if you disable and enable Memex again, and logout/in?
Does that change anything?

There is a potential solution discovered by @eric in another thread:
Does this change anything for you?

All memex actions fail - "a is undefined"?

This is fixed folks. Update to 2.4.0 and it should be working again!