[SOLVED] "requested database object could not be found"

So I see this error message when I try and tag pages


E.g. this screenshot was taken from when I pressed ‘t’ to tag a page, and selected the tag. It also happens when I create a new tag.

I’m using firefox on MacOS


Okay so any answers on this? I’ve been using Memex a lot, mainly with tags… it’s awkward not being able to tag stuff for work anymore

If it helps the error I’m now getting is “r.Dixie is not defined”

hey @geoiac,

Sorry have answered this one in a separate thread.
There were actually 2 bugs hidden, we fixed the first one with 1.5.1 and are in this very moment in the mode of fixing the second.

By tonight or latest tomorrow a fix will go out.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

This should be solved with 1.5.2. :tada: