Limit CPU usage

With Memex enabled, the fans on my computer is more or less constantly running when I use a browser. 99,99 % of the time I don’t need to search Memex for something I saw in the last few hours so it doesn’t matter if the index is constantly up to date. However, fans making noise matters. Therefore, it would be nice if one could limit the CPU usage of Memex to a level where the fans are not running [at high speed]. It can finish its indexing when I do something else with my computer.

Ideally we don’t have to do symptom fixing :slight_smile:

In the last release we have already improved it a lot. You should not have that constant spinning anymore.

There is one last performance hog we need to get out of the way but it should already be 80% there.

Did it get better for you recently?

I have 2.5.0 - is that the fixed version? I haven’t noticed any significant change, but on the other hand, nor have I looked.

So the fans are still constantly running?

Did you set up sync with your phone btw?

Yes, but at halft the speed compared to before. Since I use Firefox, it is hard to tell (?) which process it is that uses a lot of CPU. Will the other update you mentioned reduce the CPU-usage even further?

Maybe change my request to “postpone indexing when using battery”? How does that sound?

No, I don’t sync with a phone. Why do you ask?

ah because we had some issues with the sync that caused too many items to be processed.
That is now fully fixed with 2.6.6

What is your system setup in general? CPU power, RAM and operating system?

One Macbook Air 2020 i5 4 core 1,1 GHz with 16 GB and one Macbook Pro 16" 2019 i7 2,6 GHz 12 (?) core with 32 GB.

I use Memex with Firefox and FF is a hog (which becomes clear when you use the computer on battery). I think FF adds to the problem.