How do I view all my pages on the dashboard?

By default it only appears to show the most recent 9.

If you are talking about the main dashboard thats odd, because it has infinite pagination with all your history.

Yes, correct. No pagination is occurring.

Extension version 1.5.3
Chrome for Mac Version 79.0.3945.130
Mac OS 10.15

Are there any errors appearing in the background console of the extension AND the tab when you load the page?
you get there via chrome://extension > enable developer mode > background page


By pressing cmd+meta+j on the dashboard page

I followed your instructions and do not get any errors on either the extension console or the tab console when loading the dashboard.

I do get an error when I do the “backup now” command, though it claims the backup is successful.

One other note – the system does appear to be storing the older bookmarks that don’t appear on the dashboard; I just have to search for them by tag.

" options.js:1 GET http://localhost:11922/status net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

(anonymous) @ options.js:1
(anonymous) @ options.js:1
w @ options.js:1
(anonymous) @ options.js:1
e. @ options.js:1
(anonymous) @ options.js:1
d @ options.js:1
t.checkServerStatus @ options.js:1
(anonymous) @ options.js:367
w @ options.js:1
(anonymous) @ options.js:1
e. @ options.js:1
(anonymous) @ options.js:1
d @ options.js:1
componentDidMount @ options.js:367
$o @ options.js:1
Jo @ options.js:1
Go @ options.js:1
zo @ options.js:1
Uo @ options.js:1
yo @ options.js:1
enqueueSetState @ options.js:1
b.setState @ options.js:1
(anonymous) @ options.js:367
w @ options.js:1
(anonymous) @ options.js:1
e. @ options.js:1
o @ options.js:1
Promise.then (async)
u @ options.js:1
(anonymous) @ options.js:1
hashchange (async)
handleClick @ options.js:1
(anonymous) @ options.js:1
invokeGuardedCallback @ options.js:1
invokeGuardedCallbackAndCatchFirstError @ options.js:1
C @ options.js:1
L @ options.js:1
F @ options.js:1
M @ options.js:1
N @ options.js:1
B @ options.js:1
Dn @ options.js:1
Qo @ options.js:1
Xe @ options.js:1
Rn @ options.js:1
ns @ options.js:1
Fn @ options.js:1
a @ options.js:1
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Hey Matt!

We found the bug for the backup and bookmark issues, and will roll out a fix in the Memex 2.0 update.

Hey @Matt_Bell!

Is the problem now fixed for you?