Highlight an image?

Is there a way to snip/highlight an image? The functionality I’m thinking of is right-clicking and somehow saving an image to memex. Marking photos that I like, clipping funny cartoons, etc.

That would be super awesome.
Unfortunately this is not a very trivial feature and touches on so many parts of our codebase.
We don’t have the resources to implement it :frowning:

We are planning already how to overhaul the dashboard and will incorporate other content types as annotations and pages with it. So we’ll prepare for clipping images, but we’re not there yet.

I am also interested in highlighting sections of a video such as a DTube (IPFS Youtube) video so I can reference something someone has said. So I could select 20 seconds of video footage and reference this in a wiki page/ blog post or even another video. Please include this consideration in your content types definition.

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