Can you explain the bookmark feature vs tags or collections?

I’m not sure I fully understand the bookmark option to save a page. For example, if I don’t add any tag or collection to the page, it seems like the only option to save the page is by bookmarking it (alt+s). However, if I have added a tag or added the page to a collection or have done some annotations, etc., the page will still be saved without the need of bookmarking it. Therefore, is there any reason why I would want to bookmark every page even if it has tags, is inside a collection, or has some annotations?

Thanks in advance

No not really. Actually we are going to remove the “bookmark” feature soon for that very reason.

The bookmark feature should only be there to “save” external content. (e.g. stuff you follow from other users, or pages/tweets/PDFs you wanna save)

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Great, it’s clear, thanks :+1:t2: