Backup not working

I’ve downloaded the Mac client and selected my folder–when I click continue on the wizard nothing happens. Doesn’t advance.

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We heard about this problem but never got enough information to solve it.
There are a few steps you can take to help us discovering the problem:

  1. go to chrome://extension or about:addons (firefox)
  2. Go to the “background page” or “debug addons” (firefox)
  3. go to “console”
  4. Also try to right-click on the page with the message itself and select “inspect” > “console” and see if there is
  5. Go to the step where you can’t progress and look at the background console and the page console if there is an error showing up.
  6. Please post the error log here

Thanks so much for helping us to find the root cause!

Of course! Hope this helps!

Thanks for providing this info!

Do you have any ad or script blockers installed that could block this connection?
If so, what happens if you disable them and try then?