View saved text of a page?

I was originally hoping that Memex would replace evernote webclipper, as it saves the full text of a page and allows me to tag it. However, AFAICT there’s no way to actually view the saved text of a page, meaning that if a page changes or is deleted there’s no easy way to see what it used to say when I visited it before.

Am I missing something?

Hey Matt!
nope you are right.
That is not possible yet. It is one of our highest requested features to add this though. The technology ( or is also ready but we haven’t had the time and resources to implement it.
In theory it should not be very hard to get it running.
It is definitely on our roadmap, but it will likely still take 6-9 months before the core team can tackle that.
A talented dev-contributor might be able to get it running in a month. We would also love to see it.

Here is an open feature request: Read-it Later / Page Archiving
In the thread there we also invite people to share a few details on how they envision the feature to work.
I’d love to hear your input on those too, so I’d invite you to add your thoughts to the feature request thread. :pray: