Tags vs Collections

What is the difference between tags and collections? I have been using primarily tags and eschewing collections. Looking at the way the dashboard is set up, I think that maybe Memex views sorting pages into groups as a job for collections, not tags.

Is there a summary of the differences somewhere to glance over?

the difference here is only now becoming more important as you can start sharing collections.

We see collections more like curation spaces that allow you to later invite people, and use tags to further enrich the data. Much like a folder system where you can also tag entries flexibly.

BTW: have you tried activating beta access?

Yes I believe I’ve turned on beta access.

Can one page be in multiple collections, the same way one page can have multiple tags?

I’d love if there was a way to also put tags in the left sidebar on the dashboard.

Yes, you can add a page to multiple collections both from the extension and mobile app.

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Great input. We currently plan a refactoring of the dashboard, so will take this into account!