tag cloud in dashboard

It would be awesome to filter by tags more easily. Many workflows involve tagging everything that pops into your mind about a resource. Hence, finding stuff back from tags should be optimised as well. Currently it’s hidden behind 2 clicks and a tiny pop-up menu.
Instead, having them displayed at all time on the dashboard would make them more usable.

  • Either as a screen-wide row right under the search box (horizontally scrollable)
  • Or as a panel on the right (if we consider the note panel more as a pop-up than a panel)
    And of course, only tags present in the current collection are displayed.

Would a list of tags in the collection sidebar also solve it, so they are selectable there as collections now?

Sorry for the late reply.
In the collection sidebar, I fear it would glut and bloat it… My sidebar is already nearly full with my collections… No space for tags, I’d say.

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