Sticky Notes that attach to the web page / or site

Memex should be everyone’s default bookmarking/web annotating extension.


Memex needs STICKY NOTES!

Movable and collapsible sticky notes are a logical and integral part of an annotator’s tool box. Having stickies adds more vesatility to web annotating, and web annotator’s love putting collapsible sticky notes on the webpage for many reasons:

  • Sticky notes are great for summarizing or expounding a topic, paragraph, sentence, or word.

  • A Sticky Note icon an be anchored unobtrusively near the paragraph or topic that is being summarized.

  • Also, a sticky note has different connotations then a highlight / underline / or bold text:

    • the relationship between a sticky and it’s anchored location is - conveniently - more abstract, meaning it may be related to the sentence, or paragraph, or generally to the topic…without having to highlight the entire sentence, paragraph, or topic.

Currently there are many good sticky note extensions, but to me it seems like MEMEX (a web annotating extension) should have sticky notes, instead of users needing two web annotation extensions to have a complete annotation solution.

Finally, the best sticky annotation extensions have the following features:

  • the ability to add tags to the sticky note

    • image
  • rich text formating and markup of the stick note text (eg, underlining, bolding, italicizing, bulleting, chaning text size, indenting, hyperlinks, headings, emojis, and … possibly, inserting images)

  • the ability to collapse the sticky note to a mere icon

    • image
  • sticky note preview- hoovering over sticky note icon pop’s up a preview of the sticky note

  • draggable sticky note icon and draggable sticky note
    (remembering locations of where each sticky note was placed, and where its corresponding icon was placed)

    • Draggable Sticky
      (sticky is anchored relative to the position of the note icon; therefore sticky moves relatively with the note icon movement)
    • Draggable Note Icon
      (sticky is anchored relative to the position of the note icon; therefore sticky moves relatively with the note icon movement)
  • the text of the sticky notes should be findable/indexed in the same way that web page annotation highlights are findable

    • for example, by typing text into the extension’s search bar, user notes and highlights which match the typed text currently appear… in the same manner, all sticky notes with that text should also be listed
  • each sticky note should appear in a categorized list, just as the other highlights/annotations appear

    • for example, under the “pages” tab of the sidebar, each webpage that is either starred, has a comment, or a tag appears (along with a number of how many tags, stars, or comments the page has). Sticky Notes should be added to the count under comments.

Woow :slight_smile: Thanks a lot for that detailed feature request. (and all the others too)

We are right now collecting all those valuable inputs because we plan a big push on new organisation features and UX improvements.
So keep going :slight_smile: :heart:

Sure! Glad it was not for naught!
Can’t wait to see what you have planned!