[SOLVED] Internal Server Error upon trying to register/upgrade

Hi there,

I’m interested in purchasing the automatic backup upgrade but it seems the checkout page is throwing a 500 Internal Server Error upon attempting to check out.

It seems this extends to registration in general too, as trying to sign up for an account refreshes the page but doesn’t create a corresponding account.

It’d be nice if there was a status page for Memex services :wink:


Thanks a lot for your support and coming here with that error.

Yes, since the last (auto) upgrade of WordPress, our site has been breaking fully and we have not been able to recover from that without massive time investments.

We are about to switch to a static Gatsby page (within the next 2 weeks) and a new store/account system so we decided not to fix it. I’ll let you know here once that transition is done.

Sorry :frowning:

Hi, thank you for a great product!
Any news on this topic? As far as I noticed it’s still not possible to log in.


Almost there :slight_smile: Website development is in its final stages. Then you can do all the magic you want again :slight_smile:

Will notify in this thread.

Almost two monthes passed since original report, is it so hard to fix authentication/registration?
I do want to use paid backup feature I was waiting for so long and still not being able to.
You’ve developed so brilliant extension but bugs always following this extension all the way and dissapoints so much and it seems you’re not willing to fix such a big blockers. I don’t understand how it was possible in 2K19 except if you’ve left this project.

Hey Amigo,

i totally can understand and share your frustration with this. I want this to be fast too.
To give you a bit of background what happens:
We are currently working on 4 different fronts that are all pretty complex, are deeply tied together and need to be built from the ground up - that’s why we are spread a bit thin and things are a bit slower.

  1. The offline-first sync between your devices with WebRTC and end2end encryption
  2. The mobile app for iOS and Android
  3. The auth system
  4. A completely new payment system

To give you a sense of our challenges: Since we’re developing everything with an offline-first & privacy focused mindset it all takes much more work than everything being in the cloud. On top of that there is the problem that unlike with cloud apps we can’t selectively roll out features easily to test when developing extensions - it’s rolling out to everyone or not. That is why, learning from our previous mistakes of building fast to show some basic functionality, to make things solid this time, test things well and make sure we don’t have these pesky bugs popping up on every new release. All of that is not that easy with only 2,5 full time devs.

We got some bigger funding in the middle of the year to focus on 3 things:

  1. Improving our internal processes to make less mistakes, plan better and work with more focus
  2. The mobile & and multi-device sync
  3. polishing the UX, UI and stability of the existing features

The auth and migration is already done and almost ready to be released. Will certainly happen before Christmas, the mobile app and sync will go in beta tester mode probably in the first 2 weeks of 2020.
After that is out we will fully focus on polishing the experience of the app and fix all those UX and UI bugs, big list.


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Thank you for this detailed explanation.
I hope you will manage to fix all blockers with a public version and split development into at least two branches - stable and unstable/nightly/ongoing/name it yourself for those who’s eager to get fresh and not tested well.

Yeah, for the first time we’ll include feature flags to make that possible. That is the only way we can release some of the features to a beta tester crowd. Still not optimal but better than nothing.

Next year we hope to continue work on our local app which then would make it possible to use Memex as a light client of an interoperable local data store. This way you could do the strategy of a nightly version better, but also experiment with lots of different knowledge apps that are based on Memex, or are completely new inventions. But that is just a pipedream for now. First goal is getting us to financial sustainability. :rocket:

Are you interested to test the early version of the mobile sync?

Are you interested to test the early version of the mobile sync?

Yes, I’m very interested in using any automatic sync feature as I’m using a lot of different devices (3 browsers with four profiles on two different laptops and three browsers on two different mobile devices) and want to keep all of the browsing history in-sync.

Thanks @AmiGO for all the info.

In the first iteration we won’t be able to support multiple browsers/profiles on desktop yet.
But you can use as many browsers on mobile as you wish to save things.

We first roll out a simple 1 desktop browser - 1 mobile device sync.
It was quite a challenge, and still is, to make an end2end encrypted offline first sync stable and performant.

After we roll this out we’ll work on a 3+ device sync that would enable then to make your whole suite syncable.

The OP problem with the “Internal Server Error” is now also solved with our roll out of the new account system. For anyone who had account before, you need to reset your password first and then login on website or extension.