[SOLVED] How to restore on a new computer & then back up?

Hey @mydjtl!

We just made a big update to our account and billing system, and the extension.
Sorry it appears the 1.5.0 update to the extension is stuck in the review process on the chrome store.
You’ll be able to login and use the backup mechanism once that is done. Judging from the last time, it took about 48h, so probably by tomorrow latest.

Btw we are also releasing the mobile app for iOS and Android in the next few days. If you’re interested to become a beta tester you can head here: [NEW] - Testing Memex Mobile App & Sync


The chrome extension is now on a version with the new account system. If you reset your password, and login to Memex (bottom left corner in the settings) then you should be able to enable auto-backups in the settings again.

let me know if you still run into problems!