Show active tabs view or filter


Currently, the focus of the extension is “Pages” you’ve seen, whether they are currently opened or not. That’s great, and it’s nice having the full text search over everything, but I’d love to have a view or filter to show only opened, active tabs so I can drag those tabs to collections or bookmark them, which would automatically close them.

The goal is to help manage a session that quickly becomes full of active tabs. This would give me a way to manage and quickly organize those tabs by quickly sorting and closing them to keep things organized but not lose anything. I think it could be as simple as just adding a tab like “Active Tabs” next to the Pages, Social, Notes bar and then maybe an extension setting that controls whether to close the tab when dragged to a collection. Also, when you have lots of tabs, sometimes it’s nice to search only within those tabs, so having this as a filter that would constrain a search would be nice to get to a tab you know you have opened.


Thanks @angelcabo for this great suggestion.

We currently don’t have the capacity to directly integrate this feature, but we’ll keep it on the radar for the time when we work on a better tab managing functions.