Sharing Collections

Knowledge is meant to be shared. In so many cases you want to share curations with others.
For example to create a playlist of websites to read for a specific topic, or a list of hotel options for your upcoming holidays.

With this feature you’d be able to share collections of websites, social posts & annotations via a link. It’s a bit like sharing a Google Doc link that gives access to this list for everyone with the link.

100% agree.
This is the feature that is really missing (for my personal use).
I wonder if Memex team share the vision ?

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We are getting there. Under the hood we are making all preparations to allow this feature to be as versatile as people’s needs for sharing information.

Our first step is that Memex gets an API that allows developers to build their own integrations into other services, or build sharing interfaces. Here you see a preliminary prototype where all pages that are tagged with a specific tag are posted as a Gist to Github:

Faster please - it is this promise (as described in the vision paper) that drew me to try memex and I am disappointed that it took me several days to find out that it is not ready yet … got a due date at all?

And, how do I vote it up?

Unfortunately we first need to find the funding to make that possible.
For now we focused first on being able to have a multi-device experience, now our focus is to stabilise the product and make our first solid revenue.

I really don’t have a clear estimate on when that will be.
If you find a source of €50.000€ so we can build this feature in a solid manner that would speed things up considerably. :slight_smile:

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Maybe merge in here this feature idea?: Sharing (multiple) annotations

Good news all of you!
We are now officially starting this feature.

We are interviewing users about their use cases and would love to hear your opinion and understand your workflows.
If you are down for that, jump on a call with me! :tada: