Search results accessible from the browser extension window

Hi there,

I really like Memex shortcuts in the browser extension. One thing that I am really looking forward to finding in a bookmarks extension is to be able to access the bookmarks right away without using the mouse. For example, I would love that when I activate the browser extension window and type something to search, the results will show right there in the same pop-up window and not in a separate memex tab and that I can just use the arrow keys to scroll up or down to select one of the search results. something like the way a tab extension works (e.g. but with the bookmarks stored in memex.

Hey Ivan,

We’re soon releasing an update that would allow you to use alt/option+d to open the dashboard in search mode. Would that solve this in a first step?

We’re currently refactoring the dashboard so we can port later the entire functionality into the sidebar. This means the sidebar would make it possible for you to instantly search without leaving the page you’re on.

This would then also make it possible to drag&drop the results from the sidebar into whatever page you are on, e.g. if you want to reference a page you’ve saved in a tweet or so.

Would that solve it completely?
I am super curious about your workflow and would love to chat if you’re down:

Have a good day

Hi Oliver,

Thanks a lot for your reply. I think that the coming features that you are describing will definitely solve what I’m asking for. Being able to access all my search results without leaving the page I’m on is exactly what I want.

Can’t wait for these updates. Thanks again and have a nice day,