schedule study-groups

I’d love the ability to schedule (i’d use external software for the scheduling itself and just paste the link in the memex) study-groups for certain pages/articles.

the idea is to immediately see if there is a scheduled group-reading of a page/article I stumble upon so that I could join, meet new people and discuss the article with those who have read it as well.

universities have been doing this forever by assigning readings to a class.

go memex!

Hey Mario :slight_smile:
thanks for all your great suggestions.

Would a collaborative link to a page solve that problem?
So essentially like a zoom link, it would give you a Memex.Social Page link like this one: that would allow people to collaborate on discussing the page?

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Hey Oli,

placing this on a page sounds great!

I’d just also add a “currently reading” button or tag to the sidebar, similar to the “currently reading” booklists on, to designate that you are studying something right now and to be able to visualize that info on the page.

similar to that I’d add a tag or button in the sidebar when you want to express that you have “mastered” or studied smth really well. I called this being “a gatekeeper” of a text, I’m not sure this is the best metaphor, but whatever the name or metaphor, I think it’s important to spot those who have read an article with full attention.



Great idea :slight_smile: Sounds almost like a clubhouse for online research. Imagine sending your friends little notifications when you’re researching something.

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