Read-it Later / Page Archiving

Being able to make a snapshot of a page to:

  • Read it later when offline
  • Access the original page when site goes down
  • Have Annotations still being anchored, even if site changes

Question to the community:

  1. What is the reason you’d like to have this feature? What is the workflows you’d like to enable for you?
  2. How would you like this feature to be implemented?
  3. What are good examples of other services that do this feature well?
  4. Which formats for exporting the archives are important to you?
  1. It’s a much cleaner note experience to be able to view what I viewed previously from within the app, without having to go to a whole new jarring page, orient myself, and hope nothing changed. The purpose of using something like this is that links and sites change, and I want to be able to refer to the thing I originally looked at.
  2. I’d like to have a seperate “search” and “view” section, where I’m searching for things on the left then it gets loaded into the “view” window on the right when I click on it, similarly to evernote.
  1. I would like this feature like stated before because it’d be nice to get the information I’m looking for without having to leave the “app.” Similarly, if I’m on a mobile device I’d like to get this info without having to open a browser, which may incur much more network load. Finally, because I travel quite a bit, and sometimes connectivity isn’t possible, but being able to view a local cache would be wonderful.
  2. I just need text in 90% of cases. A single page with html, with consistent styling would be just fine. I’m thinking “reader mode” in Pocket for everything. keep most HTML tags, but worry much less about actual styling.
  3. I think Pocket does this well. I’ve considered paying for pocket for this reason, but would love to auto-archive things with specific rules (such as an amount of time spent on the page).
  4. exporting in specific formats are not important to me, but keeping it open is important. I want to be able to, in a pinch, just open the archive in a vim session to extract the info I need. It’s fine if it’s compressed first, or something like that.
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  1. Link rot has already taken a major bite out of my bookmarks, and content does change, so archiving a page can save me time down the road. In addition, a “proof of existence” feature can help with a variety of things, especially in a legal context.

  2. An option to automatically archive any page when an annotation is made on it.

  3. SingleFile seems to work well and incorporates proof of existence. I have just started to test it.

  4. No preference so long as its thorough. SingleFile’s seems adequate.


Thank you all for your input here, already very helpful

Now I am happy to let you know that we are starting the design research to make this feature happen :tada:
We’ve prepared a survey to learn more about your use case and get inspired from what is out there already.

It would be great if you took a few minutes to help us out!