Read it later (curating links)

  • save any page to read later (URL, not offline)
  • easily see the whole reading list and curate it down to a manageable size
  • avoid an ever growing size of ‘articles to read’ list that get messy and never actually get read

Thanks for this idea!

Do I understand correctly what you’d like to see is that there is a dedicated feature for “read it later”-type lists that allow to easily add things for later reading, and work them off?

Is there a tool you know that does this feature really well for you, and why?
Also I see you are taking into account using the current list feature for this, but it is not suffice for your use case. What would need to change with those so that it’ll work?

In my opinion #3 can be achieved by adhering to a process like add a “readlater” tag to links that you want to read later, whenever you are free go through the “readlater” tagged items and once you have gone through a link, remove the “readlater” tag and add a “archived” tag. But I think Pocket does this better and I personally prefer it because it is easy to send any page to it from desktop or mobile browser and it’s offline feature.

So you like Pocket better because of the easiness (1 click) to add something to a read-it-later list & doing it from mobile?

Yes, 1-click add to “read later” list from any device is a very important ability that makes it easy and convenient to use. Agree that Pocket does it very well: 1 click add + optional tagging once added.

The part that Pocket doesn’t help at all with (at least when I last used it) is helping you to keep your “read later” list limited to a meaningful size. What always happens when adding more pages than crossing off from it is that the list grows and loses its value.

What I am looking for in a tool for this is that it also would guide, help and force me to curate the list so that most of the time my “read later” list is

  • prioritized (overall / by topic or goal I have)
  • reasonable size (e.g. 10 pages & doesn’t grow over time)

This way I always know what to read next (in general or by goal/topic) and always know that this particular item is probably the highest value.