Populate Existing Tags on Annotation Page


Would it not make sense that when I am adding annotations to a page with existing tags, the tags section under the annotations tab populates the existing tags.

Is there a particular thing you want to achieve by having the annotations tagged with the same tags?

The way we thought about it is that we’re trying to treat every entity in Memex as a separate, but connected, object. This way you can easily find all annotations where the page is tagged with a particular tag, without the need to add the same tag to the annotation. Also the tags on an annotation may not be relevant to what you tagged the page with. E.g. if you tag the page for "#toRead"want to add a note about a tangent topic that you want to tag with “inspiration”. You don’t want to have the note in your #toRead list automatically.

Just thought I would save a few extra clicks. :slight_smile:

But Gotchya, understood.

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