Pioneer upgrade pricing and opencollective donations

Hi, I have some questions about how the Memex Pioneer pricing and the open collective donations work. If I make a 50 eur donation to Memex on there, would that put me in pioneer pricing mode going forward with the discount on top? Also when discounts are mentioned are they by product or for all of worldbrain? Like could I make a 50 eur donation to Memex and then be able to obtain a discount on storexhub when that comes out, or would I have to make the two different donations?

Just trying to figure things out because the pricing is kind of confusing right now, on the main page it only lists Pro (no pioneer, that’s only in the extension), and in opencollective it’s still saying that Memex pro is 20 eur which is out of date I guess.

Yeah indeed the pricing is still a bit confusing.

OpenCollective and our internal price/reward structure is not yet fully synced up.
If you make a donation of 50 bucks on either system you’ll get beta access for a year.

On the plan for this week is to make this all a bit more straight forward.