PDF Annotations


Right now it is not possible to make annotations on PDFs, only on websites.

That would indeed be interesting. What are you thinking about in that area?
A tool like Polar (with js in it) is very useful… but having the web/pdf annotations would be ideal…

We already have the open PR for a while but needs still some work: https://github.com/WorldBrain/Memex/pull/822

Essentially enabling you to have the same capabilities of the web annotations also for PDFs you view online. But good is that the ID’ing of PDFs happen with a fingerprint of the file, so annotations that are made in Memex could be also viewed in Polar - given an integration between both tools.

Yes, that’s a very good option. I think researchers (of which I am one) and students and journalists are looking forward to it. Being able to filter a mass of information and various annotations is a vital need.


I’d love to see the ability to read, annotate and search locally stored ebooks (epub, mobi, azw, etc…) as well.

In beta feature… arriving soon i think

Yes we have an eager contributor working on it :slight_smile:


Do you have any idea when we can test this?

We just finished the refactoring of the sidebar that would be injected into the PDF viewer. So hopefully in the next 2-3 weeks!


Quick update:

We will finish the massive task of the sidebar refactor which has taken way longer than we expected.
The PDF annotations are already 80-90% done so hopefully it will not take as much time anymore now.

Very excited!