Own server or WebDAV as a backup method (e.g. Nextcloud)

As I preferred self-hosted services, it would be nice to backup archived data via WebDAV or FTP etc… Especially when I’m using my Chromebook (which is unable to install the backup tool).

Hey @seohyeon!

thanks so much for adding this idea! Great one.

Also: Welcome to the community and your first contribution :star_struck:

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I’m adding this very similar feature request here because I believe the engineering solution would satisfy both use cases: it would be nice to expose a (documented) API that can perform uploads via POST requests to arbritrary endpoints like Cloudflare Workers KV.

@BlackForestBoi I haven’t navigated the Memex repo but if you can point me in the right direction, I’d be happy to build this

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:heart_eyes:Thanks @shagamemnon for your offer to implement this.

I’ll check with our dev team on what needs to be done and provide you with some preliminary mockups.
If you’re down, I think it makes sense if we meet for a quick call to talk through the requirements.