"Nothing saved yet" in IOS mobile app

Hello Oliver,

It’s very nice to have a mobile app for worldbrain. Thanks!

The mobile app works with safari. But if I try to save a bookmark from firefox for IOS it doesn’t work. It also erases all the bookmarks I already added (when I open the app, it is written that nothing is saved yet).
To allow the app to work again, I must uninstall and reinstall the app. I tried that several times, with the same result.

I can reproduce this bug!

Good news is that your data is still there, so its just a rendering issue, I pressume.
I verified that your data is still there because I went back to safari and open the share-extension with a page I have previously sorted/tagged/bookmarked.

@poltak can you investigate what might be happening here?

Thanks for making us aware of this issue…and welcome to the community forum, albeit under these circumstances :tada::tada::tada::grinning:

I can reproduce the bug also on Brave, so I assume that its the same problem, where we may not get back the right data, e.g. the title, not the url.

We are getting a preliminary fix for this in tomorrow, so at least people cant accidentally save corrupted data with unsupported apps. Hope to provide a full fix soon!

This seems to be because we didn’t finish setting the code that detects when sharing from an unsupported application, and unfortunately FF on iOS might be (for now) unsupported. Currently share modal still let’s you interact with the inputs, even after detecting an unsupported app, but instead should show some other view.

On branch feature/unsupported-app-catch (PR: https://github.com/WorldBrain/Memex-Mobile/pull/10) I have written code to ensure the share modal’s UI switches to show a message instead of the inputs if the app being shared from is detected to be unsupported. @BlackForestBoi it would be good if you could do a dev build and try this with iOS Brave and FF when you’ve got time.

I also added some code to ensure any incomplete data that could have been saved to the DB gets cleaned - the cause of the dashboard UI no longer displaying any entries.

Just a note: we define “unsupported” to mean apps that don’t send the page URL over the share APIs we need to interact with. For example, Brave on iOS sends the title over the API rather than the URL, which is insufficient data for us to work with. Eventually, when we get more resources - in the form of better understanding native app development - we will hopefully work towards updating the APIs we interact with to expand support to these browsers.

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Thanks. A message now indicates that it doesn’t work.
But, it’s sad that firefox is not supported.
Maybe a look at https://github.com/wallabag/ios-app could help? (I have no idea at the technical level, but there are similarities in terms of function of the app: share a link from anywhere).

Yeah agreed its a huge bummer that it doesn’t work yet.

The problem with our implementation is that we use react native under the hood and the library we use for that functionality has a bug that we still need to fix. It was just a matter of priority to get a first release out of the door.

Fixing this is very high on our roadmap for the mobile app, because also the ability to implement a user friendly way to do mobile annotations depends on it.