Mobile sync is wifi only?

I tried using the mobile app but it requires a Wifi connection. I use a laptop tethered to my phone’s 4G and don’t have a Wifi, so I can’t use it. Also seems like mobile sync is manual only? If I were to sign up for a pro subscription would it fix this, allowing automatic sync over 4G? Or would it be the same thing, with manual sync over wifi only? The mobile app about text and official documentation are very unclear about this and I couldn’t find anything recent in the forums. Thanks!

Hey @luhmann

The mobile app only requires the wifi connection on the first sync.
It should also work when using the phone’s tethering, at least it works for me just fine with that.
Have you tried it?

Without Memex Pro, you only can manually backup your data and do not sync between the devices.
Once you sign up for Memex Pro sync becomes available and is backups are also automatic (which are 2 different things)
There is a 2 weeks trial period, so you can go ahead and try it out!

Thanks for pointing us to the necessity to improve our docs. Will try to make this much more clear.

Thanks. I was able to “pair devices” and do the initial sync without Wifi, despite the warnings. Thanks. I also signed up for a pro membership. However, despite the phone and the app both telling me that a successful sync has taken place, nothing is actually synced!!! For instance, I bookmarked one page on my phone (actually, my tags did sync since they showed up when I did ths), but that page does not show up on my desktop/browser even after sync is completed. “saved from mobile” says: “You don’t have anything saved from the mobile app yet.” Should I file this as a separate bug report?

Thanks @luhmann for the details.

That is indeed a problem and should work - at least it does on my side.

Can you try the following:

  1. Open the background console of your extension (chrome://extensions > enable dev mode > Memex > background page > console)
  2. save something on your device with tags & bookmarks
  3. press the “sync now” button in the “sync status” bar.
  4. see if anything pops up in the background console
  5. see if the page you saved is synced

Thanks for the help and sorry for the late reply and hassle you have to go through.
We definitely need to be more explicit about the beta status of the app.