Memex for public scrapbook/research?

I’m setting up a new blog, thinking about what sections/content I want it to consist of… and I realised there’s something I cannot do now but perhaps Memex is closest to giving me the solution (at some point).

The blog will be simple, main column for blogposts, sidebar for a few secondary things. But I’m thinking it’d cool if I could also present “less-processed” content (perhaps in another column or within sidebar): basically notes/references I store for myself and which are related to the blog’s (general) content.

Something like Austin Kleon’s tumblr which lives separately from his own blog (see his take on this: “it’s a decade of public research”). Why not to unite these two kinds of content?

The great thing is that Memex already does what I would like the tool to do: 1. easily store/highlight some text. 2. let me comment on the snippet 3. let me tag the page/snippet.

Now I don’t know how far this idea is from reality (hence this thread). Perhaps through Storex it’d be possible even now, to connect to, say, Wordpress API?

It’s certainly beyond my beginner’s level coding skills. But I’m courious how the eventual solution could look like, for the time when I will be able to make it work.

And indeed, I’m looking at it from my own, individual use-case perspective. But perhaps something like this, in more collaborative fashion, could become one of the ways how Memex brings home it’s “let’s get to the (intersubjective) truth & combat disinfomration” goal.

Thanks @kalmir for all this input. Love it!

Indeed some of the ideas you mention here we have already on the roadmap.
The plan is to implement sharing/collab features to afford 3 use cases:

  1. Share a collection and annotated pages
  2. Co-curate collections and reply to annotations
  3. Search inside the collections shared with you

This is on our mid-term roadmap but we need some more funding to make it work.

The use case you are initially mentioning would then be possible too.
However, you could already afford that kind of thing in a different way very soon.

We are right now in talks on how to integrate a bi-directional sync between and Memex via our StorexHub API. has a JS script that lets website owners have the sidebar with annotations.

So what you then could do is basically adding your annotations to Memex and they will automatically appear on your website too, and you don’t even have to use in your day-to-day work.

I hope you’ll get the funding! Making Memex useful for groups of people would be great.

As for my use-case, to use as a link will work for me, I mean, it’d even much easier than I thought possible. So please let me know here when the funcionality is ready.

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