Memex chrome extension crashes several times & several bugs

Latest stable Chrome version on Windows 10

Chrome is warning that the extension crashes

these are the bugs chrome reports:

I’m happy to share more infos with developers if requested.
Thank you


Can you provide me with the exact version number of Memex?
Did this happen right after the update of that version? The new version went live on Saturday.

@poltak Do you have an idea why things could go wrong here?
Seems like the first error “cannot load extension with file or directory name…” could have something to do with it.

my version is 2.0.7. yesterday evening I decided to reload extension and now it crashed again. Is there something I can do?

So sorry for all the bugs you run into. would you be down to have a phonecall with me tomorrow or Tuesday so we can do some investigations together?

Suggestion on both days: 4pm CET.

ok for 4pm but tomorrow is better for me than today. Wanna use Skype, Teams, Google Duo, Hangouts, Telegram, other?

In advance of our call, do you need some technical details that I can copy and paste here?

Thank you.

I didn’t hear anything about the call. Hope you are well because of this emergency.


Thanks for checking in - it’s all fine on my side.
The last 2 days were a bit hectic because Berlin is going into lock-down mode and I am quarantining.
So a few personal things needed to be organised.

We can meet tomorrow at 4pm Berlin time, here:
Does that work? and 4pm tomorrow are fine for me.
I understand the moment… Here in Italy we are in quarantine since 2 weeks now.
See you tomorrow