Internal Server Error upon trying to register/upgrade

Hi there,

I’m interested in purchasing the automatic backup upgrade but it seems the checkout page is throwing a 500 Internal Server Error upon attempting to check out.

It seems this extends to registration in general too, as trying to sign up for an account refreshes the page but doesn’t create a corresponding account.

It’d be nice if there was a status page for Memex services :wink:


Thanks a lot for your support and coming here with that error.

Yes, since the last (auto) upgrade of WordPress, our site has been breaking fully and we have not been able to recover from that without massive time investments.

We are about to switch to a static Gatsby page (within the next 2 weeks) and a new store/account system so we decided not to fix it. I’ll let you know here once that transition is done.

Sorry :frowning:

Hi, thank you for a great product!
Any news on this topic? As far as I noticed it’s still not possible to log in.


Almost there :slight_smile: Website development is in its final stages. Then you can do all the magic you want again :slight_smile:

Will notify in this thread.