Integration/Sharing/Archiving with and per-note tagging

I love the Memex concept and love that you use internally; both of you are clearly all about innovation and functionality. I’m just discovering Notion and migrating to and setting up in it and it’s amazing what you can do. I might set up in Memex as well, but:

  1. Sidebar screen real estate is relatively small and will eventually fill up and become difficult to navigate, even with all the filtering options you have. I would like to see an ability to sync/share Memex annotation/notes/tags/sites/collections into Notion, both for archival purposes and leveraging the tagging/annotating/notating/organizing work we’ve already done in the browser using Memex into Notion, which can manipulate a truly massive collection of data from multiple sources in all sorts of powerful and interesting ways with their database/block metaphor. This means that going forward Worldbrain,io should not view Memex as the be-all, end-all, destination for research (the browser is not the only source of digital info available and what Notion can do is and should be beyond the scope of Memex).

Have you guys thought about Memex’s place in the larger picture and how you would integrate it as an intermediary step in the information lifecycle with the Notion being a later or even final step? (I’d mention Onenote or Evernote or Bear or whatever, but what’s the point? The way I see it, is the future…the most comprehensive, powerful and innovative, and they’ve now reached a point of stability and funding where they’re not going anywhere.)

  1. Related to #1, wouldn’t one need the ability to tag on a per-annotation/note basis? I don’t see it in Memex.

tldr; If I do the organizing work in Memex, I don’t want to need to recreate it in Notion, I want time-saving integration of some sort, and yes, I’d pay for it. Without that, I’d be better off just designing Memex-like workflows/databases/structures into my (obviously I can’t auto-index, but that’s not that important to me) and just using Notion for everything. (True, it’s more upfront work, but since Notion is my endpoint for ALL information, it’s less total work in the end).

Does any of this make sense or am I a crazy person?

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Hey @Beldar_Conehead

Yes indeed a Notion integration would be :fire::fire::fire:
Unfortunately they don’t offer an API yet so that is not possible yet.

But we definitely see a lot of synergy between us.
Once we are more stable, and have our mobile app released, getting in touch with them about this seems like a good step to take.

To your 2. question:
Yes you can already tag a note like this: