Improved Tag Filter Search

I would really benefit from a more featureful search for tags in the tag filter portion of the Memex dashboard search bar.

Right now, when filtering by tag, when you enter a string in the tag search bar it appears the search only matches tags that begin with the string you entered. It would be extremely useful if the tag filter search returned tags that contained your search string anywhere within the tag. Regular expressions would be even more useful, but not critical.

As an example use case, my workflow is to add as many tags as I think might be useful, so I can recall the page I’m tagging from many different mental contexts. I also use nested tagging. As a (somewhat convoluted) example, a page about a neat Jupyter notebooks feature might be tagged with any (or all, if I can remember to) of the following:

  • programming.python.jupyter
  • jupyter
  • programming.python.jupyter.features

If I type “jupyter” into the tag filter, I would like the tag search to pull up all of these tags so I can select them all in the event that I can’t remember which exact tag I placed on a page about Jupyter notebooks that I’m trying to pull up. It’s likely that my tagging approach is a bit of a mess, but I think this would be a useful feature regardless of my specific workflow.