Import shared notes

Suppose I mark up a webpage with some notes, and then I use the (beta) sharing feature to generate a link to share that page. The person I share the link with can see what I highlighted and what I said, but from what I can tell they can’t see where on the page the highlights were. This can make it difficult to use the shared link if, for example, I just highlight a preposition somewhere.

It would be nice if they could import the notes into their own Memex account so they can see the webpage with the comments, the same as the person who took the notes. Thanks!

Hey Samuel,

Thanks for those great ideas. Actually we are already in the process of making this possible even without such an import.

We’re working on giving people the ability to follow other people’s collections, and see the notes and highlights in the sidebar, and reply to them.

I am super curious to understand more about your use cases and workflows.
If you like we can jump on a quick 15-30min call sometimes:

If you prefer more asynchronous written interaction here are a few questions I have:

  • With whom do you want to share this? Friends, coworkers, community, broadcast (e.g. on Twitter)
  • What do you use now to share and collaborate on curating good content (and commentary) with others, where Memex still lacks?
  • What type of content do you want to annotate?

Thanks :slight_smile: