import from onetab and tabcloud extensions

import from onetab and tabcloud extensions.

Thanks, Richard for adding this here and welcome to the community :slight_smile:

How would you like to see this being implemented?
Is it for you that you have the same tab that are connected through a session for example?
What is the format it exports from onetab? If it is a html structure you can import them, but the folder structure is not yet properly formatted. We are missing the nested collections feature still. When we work on that also want to improve the importing system.

To work on the nested collections, it will still take a couple of weeks though.
Right now we are all heads down to get the mobile apps and the multidevice sync out of the door, and fix the major bugs and UX problems.

I agree, perhaps later down the line a tab session import may be of help, especially if noone else can do it. (Though it may be feature creep…) There’s many options which are inadeequate to me like the above named onetab, tabcloud, tabbz, tabzen…

Ideally xbrowsersync will adopt this functionality with an option to self host and with E2E encypt, a massive bonus!

however… what I really would like is a session saved that has the ability to interact, or just replicate, the functionality of tree style tab, where the nested structure lends itself to how the info was found and relates to each other and a reminder of the thought process in the act of opening these tabs.

Addendum to the above: in the last 2 hours the maintainer of treestyletab responded to a my query on what works best with his project and he recommended tab session manager… it plays well and exports locally… could maybe use syncthing for sessions and nextcloud for backups… is there a place for memex in this workflow in the future?