I would like the ability to add a page from a domain on ly block list

If I have a domain on my block list, like reddit for example, is there a way to add a specific page to Memex?

Hey Tom!

Thanks for dropping by :slight_smile:
Yes as much as you can add a domain, you can also add a specific page.

To do so do this, or add the url you want to block in the settings/blocklist page

Hey @BlackForestBoi I think you misunderstood OP’s question. Imo they’re asking about this scenario:

“I have reddit.com on my blocklist, however, I really want to save this insightful thread from /r/rad_decentralization to Memex. How do I do this?”


Thanks for the clarification.
Indeed I can see that I understood the question differently.

Your interpretation makes more sense.
I’ll add it to our todo list!