How to stop memex from recording browser history

I don’t want memex to record my browser data. This just adds hell lot of sites I don’t need. I only want it remember the sites I bookmarked or made changes to

There used to be an option to disable automatic indexing of visited sites but it looks the settings are gone. I actually think this feature was completely removed in version 2.5, per release notes:

Removed History Search as a feature, leaving only full-text search for pages you save or annotate

This was a hard but necessary decision for us in order to get us to a sustainable product/company.

The full-text search has produced a lot of development overhead and complexity, as well as performance issues for users.

It’ll very likely come back, but for now it did not provide enough value for users for the amount of effort it costs to make it work well.

So I think this has been taken care of, just make sure you have the latest version of the Memex addon (for Firefox that’s 2.5.0 released on August 26th).

If you have the latest version and the pages you visit are still indexed it’s likely a bug.