How to restore on a new computer & then back up?

How do we restore on a new computer before starting to backup? I tried via google drive and downloading software neighter work. any tips? I’m on windows 10 opera browser.

Hey @mydjtl!

First of all welcome to the community forum and sorry it had to be under these circumstances :slight_smile:

May I ask what made you determine that it failed? What did you expect and didn’t happen? Any error messages?

So usually it works when going to the settings > backup & restore > restore
If you have done a backup on another device via the downloaded “Memex Backup Helper”, there should now be a folder on your system called “backup” in the folder you selected.

This “backup” folder needs to be copied over to the new compute. When clicking on “Restore”, you need to pick the parent folder of the “backup” folder. I know its not really intuitive, we have an overhaul of the backup/restore workflow already on the map.

Once the restore is done, you start the “backup wizard” which should be the first item in the backup&restore settings page.
Once you have set this up it would just continue adding to the same folder as before, so your new extension is as if it was the old one.

Hope that helps!

See here


and here


It looks like on many steps you have to press the buttons twice?
Also that there are bugs in the buttons of the upgrade process when you want to click on “pay now”?
It works for me so I wonder what went wrong.
When you click on it, does the tab start loading a new page?
Also what are the system specs you have?

Also: after you went to the page, and then reloaded the “backup&restore” main page, did it then switch to the Automatic Backup enabled mode?

Unfortunately the last screencast didn’t upload properly.

If i restore and click google drive then login its stuck on this. It used to work. What do I do? Alos, I’m using opera browser on windws 10

Thanks for providing the screenshots. Unfortunately they are less helpful than I thought.
Mhh something we can try next:
Can you check what the console errors say?

I don’t know how that works in opera, but on chrome and FF it works on mac by pressing cmd+alt+j or right click on the page and go to “inspect” and then “console"

Can you try to get to that screen and then open the background console of that page and make a screenshot of the error output (ideally after a few minutes again in case there are no errors because it may get stuck longer down the line)

There is a second console you can check, the one of the extension itself.
In chrome you go to chrome://extensions then enable “developer mode”, go to “memex” and find the “background page”, and then on the tab “console”.

Sorry for all the troubles. We are currently finishing up a testable prototype for the mobile apps and sync, which has a higher priority so we can test a complex feature in real life scenarios as soon as possible. We know there are quite some issues with the backup process which we are in the process of fixing. It’s one of our top priorities. After the mobile apps we are working on those (UX) bugs people experience in a couple of places, including the backups.

There are still some open questions from the last message that would really help me to locate some of those bugs and UX issues more. I would be thankful if you had the time to help me with some more information on those questions.

I decided to switch to Edge Beta. Still not working but it seems like it might be possible. See screen recording. Can you help?


I was able to fix it. New problem now. I already paid for auto backup but keeps asking me to pay since i can’t login to the shopping account.

What made it work for you? And what exactly didn’t work on Edge?

Yeah we currently have some issues with out account system. New website will be up in a few days and then you can use it again. Will provide you with a free month of auto backup once thats done to make up for the hassle.

OK. Not sure what worked but still barely syncing since i can only do it manually.