How can I set my Memex dashboard as my homepage?

I’d like Memex to be my starting point on my browser.

e.g. instead of searching DuckDuckGo or Google for a keyword, I want to search my Memex first, which is likely to give me more relevant and higher quality results.

The current UX makes this a bit unwieldy — I’d have to drag my mouse to the worldbrain icon in my toolbar, click on it, and then enter my search term, vs. pressing CTRL-L, and then typing my search term to use DuckDuckGo.

If I had Memex as my default start page on Firefox, the search function would be a lot easier to access, plus I would have the added context of seeing all my previous history + my notes each time I start a browsing session.

I totally feel you here, I would also love to have Memex on the front here.

Problem is that this is a binary question here due to the limitations of the browser. It does not allow to give users the decision if an app should be the new tab-app. We have to roll it out to everyone in a very hard coded way. So we decided against it because many people want to use different apps to do this.

A feature that may solve some of your issues:
You can use memex quickly by typing “m” followed by “space” into the address bar.
Here some quick search hacks:

You can also use the sidebar ribbon that pops up on the right side and click on the “search” icon and search there.