For how long will Memex store page data?

Suppose that I enabled indexing of visited pages. For how long will Memex store their data and their searchable indexes?

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I’d also like to know specifics about this, including any special edge cases, because I’ve been frustrated with other bookmarking and tab-management tools which lose data at unspecified thresholds. For me, the point of a tool like this is to never lose track of things. My present understanding is that the storage is indefinite, but I suspect there are practical limits at some level of capacity, and I’d like to understand exactly what happens when those limits are reached.

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With Chrome browsers the size is as big as your hard drive can hold it, however there are eviction criteria by the browser if you run on low disk space. Memex notifies you in that case.
It is definitely recommended doing backups in any case.

On Firefox its a bit more tricky. There, the limit is 2GB which is a hard one. We disabled taking of the screenshots there for that reason. With the screenshots 2GB lasts about 3 years.

We plan to develop a MacOS/WIN/Linux application that sits outside of the browser to overcome all those limitations and also provide for better search performance due to using more performant technologies.

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