Exporting content in various formats

Could a direct plaintext export, including hyperlinks to nontext local media, be possible?
Orgmode would be my choice, and markdown, but something that could be parsed through pandoc to get into the desired format, would be highly appreciated.

Please could you also consider the export of highlights and typed annotations and possibly even non text files, for zotero, where they maybe filed next to their associated indexed file (admittedly usually a pdf but zotero has broader options in its reference management toolkit).
As a model, for example, similar to the way ZotFile does for non webbased pdfs.
This clearly is a gewat facility but memex could really explode this by sending this linked exported data, from sources not just limited to pdfs and plain text, into a reference management system like zotero, to be organise and later exported, perhaps into orgmode for a fully indexed and hypelinked outline.