Encryption features and privacy issues?

Given privacy and data ownership concerns of memex from the outset and plans for better device and cloud sync, will externally auditrd E2E encryption by factored into the product? I look at the commendable efforts of similar projects like etesync, nextcloud, matrix, xbrowsersync, bitwarden.
Along the lines of device/non-cloud sync, are there options (perhaps already available) to use for eg syncthing?
Many thanks

Hey @Jimi

I moved this to the “Ask us Anything” section, as I felt it fits better there.

We are integrating end2end sync right now, so already with the MVP it will all be safe.
For that we use OpenPGP.js.
We don’t have (yet) any externally audited efforts to look into our entire sync pipeline and its security, as we are just in an MVP stage for it.

Re self-hosting: Due to limited development power and our primary focus to become financially sustainable, self-hosting will not be possible. But our architecture will already afford this, so any developer with spare time could take it up. We will certainly support them in their path.

Does that answer your questions?