Create An iPad OS App

I’m surprised this doesn’t exist given your iPhone app. There’s a tremendous audience for knowledge workers who have moved iPad ‘mostly’ and using the iPhone app is a very subpar experience. Any bookmark tool should be compatible with all your iOS devices. If this is on the roadmap I did not see it. Thanks!!

Thanks for your input @guthrien

Indeed, an iPad app would be great.
We’re currently raising money to overhaul the sync, so it affords to sync more than just 2 devices.

Adapting the iPhone app to also work on an iPad is actually not that much work - mostly restyling. Though right now not a priority because of other time commitments.

When you say the iPhone app is a subpar experience, what do you mean exactly?

Not OP, but as someone who’s jumped heavily into the iPad ecosystem for most of my everyday tasks, I’m in and out of a lot of different app, all designed for the iPad, and if not, then at least styled for it.

At present, I’m using as well as Memex (because of your highlighting feature), but the fact that you don’t have a decent app on the iPad makes it a terrible experience. I’m landscaped almost 99% of the day. Any app that wasn’t ‘styled’ for the iPad causes neckpains just looking at the app since you either have to turn the device 90deg, or you have to bend your neck to look.

Honestly, it’s not a deal breaker, but to the OPs point, there are a lot of knowledge users who are switching to an on-the-go model, and those with iPads, it’s a disaster using apps that aren’t iPad friendly.

Edit: Here’s what it currently looks like. And yes, is the competitor i’m using purely because of proper iPad experience. However, if you guys bring an iPad app, I’m jumping over immediately because of the feature sets you offer & transparency.

Can’t upload another image, but the app is horizontal, as in portrait mode on my phone, but on my iPad.

Score: F