Copy and paste notes

Hey folks at Memex! I love your extension. Best one I’ve found. Love the GUI and how everything looks - just one (hopefully really quick) suggestion. Would it be possible to add an option where when you go to copy and paste a note, and you can format how you want the note to be copied using {{{NoteHighlight}}} and the other tools, I coded it so it exports using HTML code, but when you copy it, it copies the code itself, not the executed version of the code. Could there be an option to do this?

Also, as a side note, when is the beta test for the PDF annotation coming out? Would love to be a beta tester.

Hey Justin!

Thanks a lot for coming here with your feedback, glad you’re enjoying Memex.

I am not sure I fully get what the problem is, but let’s try :slight_smile:
Can you share your template code here so we can do some problem searching together?

PDF annotations was released in an early prototype into Beta last week. You have to turn on the settings for it though.