Can I set the default preference as paused indexing?

I don’t want to record every visit because not every visit is valuable to search latter and recording all takes up a lot of space.
So when I launch my chrome, I have to pause indexing manually. But usually I will forget this operation and all the records was saved. If I want my saved records clean, I have to delete them one by one. It is really a time-consuming job.

Hey @seabird_bai

There are a couple of indexing settings that allow you to decide when to index things - see settings.
So you can set a timer for “after so many seconds” or decide only to index page that are bookmarked, tagged, listed or annotated.

Are you missing a setting there?


and is possible to change extension settings in browser to on click (it’s work)


You can change the indexing settings with one click via the sidebar, or the popup:

this specific to the same site or as global settings ?

this is a global setting.

oh, ok :grin::grin::grin: