Bulk edit content (delete, tag, add collections, star)

Organising knowledge requires the ability to quickly make operations on large amounts of content.
So for example to

  • move your entire search results into a single collections
  • tag them with the same tag(s)
  • delete them all at once
  • star them all at once

Also be able to Ctrl and Shift click to multi-select within a search result. This seems like a fundamental feature.

thanks @NickChomey for all the valuable insights/input in here and other threads.

Indeed Bulk edit is a fundamental feature that we hope to tackle soon.

Our idea is also to have a sort of “bucket” that you can use to create multiple searches to select items and then edit them all at a later point.
Would that be helpful?

Thanks for the reply!

Yeah, after writing this, I saw that the bulk edit was already one of the next features in line. I particularly like the “bucket” idea - I can’t say I’ve seen that before but it sounds perfect!

I look forward to seeing your progress in the coming months on these features!