Backup to gdrive failed

Im trying to backup to my google drive account. However I always get the " BACKUP FAILED" with " Please check your internet connectivity. Backup was not successful as the connection was either not strong enough or there was no connection. If you still encounter issues please contact support." as a message.
I went to the console and got this in the log:
I checked manually on google driver - I do have more than the calculated size of the backup. Also, im logged in to Chrome (77.0.3865.120 (Official Build) (64-bit)) with the same account I want to backup to…What could be wrong?

Hey @Finn_Laszlo!

Thanks for dropping by and sorry for the troubles.
We are currently collecting all bugs so we can do a big bugfixing push asap. This one is a critical one to fix so has highest priority.
Will take this one up and will update you on progress.

Hey @Finn_Laszlo

We have made some updates to the storage schemas, which seem to be the cause of this issue.
Do you still run into troubles here?