As a user I want better filter/sort (e.g. pages/social/notes) so I can more flexibly consume items #Enhancement #Feature

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As title

Some ideas:

  1. annotations/comments (i.e. does have / doesn’t have)
  2. date - published (i.e. if found then scrape page date and sort chronological, newest/oldest / not found)
  3. date - saved (i.e. chronological, newest/oldest)
  4. random
  5. tags (i.e. does have / doesn’t have)

In order to expedite this feature, perhaps it could initially be achieved with a search query syntax then introduced to the UI later? (e.g. for #5 if does have tags then we can use a syntax like tags=true)?

If you’re reading and:

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  • disagree, then please vote down (e.g. -1, dislike) - I’d love to know why?

If documentation exists then please provide URL or else consider creating some

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Wow thanks @ldexterldesign for this insightful comment!

Indeed one of the next feature upgrades we think about is how to improve the search.

In particular the filters you mentioned.

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