After Resetting Windows 10 (Keep My Files), How Do I Retrieve my Database?

Since I kept my files, I’m assuming the database is somewhere in the Windows.old folder. Will I be able to pluck it from there and place it where the Memex extension can find it?

I don’t want to install Memex until I know I can sync or replicate my stuff.

Hey Mitch,

I am not sure about the process to restore your data via the Windows folder. I am neither a windows user nor have I tried to restore it after resetting it.

You’d need to do some research on how the data of extensions is generally handled in such a situation.
Judging by MacOS, it worked before to restore the folder where my browser profile data is stored.
If that folder is still intact, replacing it may just work.

In general I recommend doing a Memex backup for cases like this, because then you can for sure restore it by just keeping the files in some folder.

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Hi BlackForestBoi,

Thanks for your reply. I did use Memex Backup Helper, so I’ll try that, first. Any tips along those lines?



Not really, but I saw you’ve been running into some bugs.
Happy to jump on a quick call and help you through it:

Thanks Oliver,

I just decided to start fresh. I’m just experimenting with the idea of replacing bookmarks. My old database is gone. I wasn’t diligent about backing up. That’s why I’m trying to get that squared away in the other thread.

If the backup/restore functionality is reliable, I can feel free to start building a useful database.