Add conditional tags


I’m thinking that there are a number of situations where I would like to be able to add tags automatically. For example, I’m watching a video on Youtube and I add a note or a bookmark… I’d like the tag “video” to be added automatically as well.

What do you think about this?

It’s very unlikely that we will start this feature anytime soon. BUT!!!

This is a great use case for StorexHub and one of the reasons we built it.
Too often the roadmaps of the developers of the tools you are using can’t accommodate the different use cases or workflows people have. But you shouldn’t be limited by that as a user/developer.

Now you could write a little plugin for StorexHub that listens to all of the urls passing through, and create a tag for each one from, vimeo etc.


I’m astounded because this is exactly what I was about to open a feature request for.


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We are about to release StorexHub with proper documentation.
There you could build a little plugin that listens to all new visits to youtube and tag those with “video”

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